Top French foods

Soupe à l’oignon
This’s a traditional French soup made of onions as well as beef stock, typically served with croutons & melted cheese on the best. Dating to Roman times, that was usually a peasant recipe although the present edition dates through the 18th century. The soup’s flavor that is unique will come from caramelization of the onions, that usually have brandy or maybe sherry included during the slow cooking process. If you are inside a soup mood, why don’t you consider Marseille’s classic soupe de poisson à la rouille. When a fisherman’s preferred choice, this particular soup is recognized by way of a dollop of garlic and saffron mayonnaise positioned on top.

Coq au vin:

This quintessential French meal was made popular by Julia Kid, getting one of the signature dishes of her. The recipe recognizes chicken braised with wine, mushrooms, salty bacon or pork (lardons), onions, mushrooms, garlic and occasionally a drop of brandy. While the title translates as’ rooster in wine’ – the braising is perfect for harder birds – the formula usually uses capon or chicken. The wine is usually Burgundy, though local variants of the recipe are available across France involving local wines. These are coq au vin jaune (Jura), coq au Riesling (Alsace), as well as coq au pourpre (Beaujolais nouveau). Truth be told, there is actually a coq au Champagne (Champagne).


Cassoulet is a comfort recipe of white beans stewed gradually with meat. The dish commonly uses duck or pork but could incorporate sausages, goose, mutton or perhaps no matter what different the chef has not telling the truth about. This peasant dish originates from southern France and it is common inside Toulouse, Carcassonne, plus Castelnaudary. The specific recipe is from the large pot (cassole) that it is usually baked in. This particular container is a staple in numerous French houses, showcasing the acceptance of the rich, hearty food that is ideal for all those wintry months.

Boeuf bourguignon:

Dinners do not get much more usually French compared to boeuf bourguignon. The recipe hails from the exact same area as coq au vin – that is Burgundy in eastern France – plus you will find parallels between the 2 dishes. Boeuf bourguignon is basically a stew made out of beef braised in wine that is red, beef broth, as well as seasoned vegetables such as pearl onions along with mushrooms. Originally a peasant recipe, this recipe has become a staple in French eateries around the planet. Traditionally, the low-cost cuts of meat will be tenderized around wine for 2 days to intensify the tastes, though several shortcuts could be taken. Each August in Burgundy, the Fête du Charolais celebrates the recipe, in addition to lots of wine and music.

Chocolate souffle:

The term souffle originates from the French verb’ to blow’ as well as, so the title indicates, this’s a light, airy treat. The dish dates to the original 18th century and today is a staple on treat menus round the planet. The crispy chocolatey crust is ideal for allowing the creamy milk chocolate ooze out for a wealthy surprise. Nevertheless, it does not need to be cute. In reality, cheese souffles are equally as tasty in case you are searching for something a bit saltier.


Flamiche means’ cake’ found Flemish as well as this particular recipe is coming rom northern France, close to the border with Belgium. It’s a puff pastry crust filled with vegetables and cheese and also looks like a quiche. The standard filling is cream and leeks, though different variations exist. There is also a pizza like version of flamiche, which will come without the best crust of all of the pie. For a southern French twist, try out the slim crusty pissaladière, that has olives, onions, and anchovies.

Confit de canard:

Confit de canard is a delicious French recipe of duck – even though some chefs use pork or goose – and is among probably the finest French dishes. The red meat is especially prepared using early preservation and also slow cooking procedure (confit). This views the duck meats marinated around salt, garlic, and then thyme for around thirty six hours then slow cooked in its own fat at temperatures that are low. This’s a better substitute for frying. It’s usually served with confit roasted garlic and potatoes over the edge. Today this dish is popular all over France, though you will discover the very best variants in the Gascony area.

Salade Niçoise:

Salade Niçoise is a normal French salad on the Provence region. Usually consumed like an edge dish, it is able to also be a light meal on its own. The salad is a blend of cabbage, tomatoes that are fresh, boiled eggs, (canned or maybe innovative) tuna fish, eco-friendly beans, Nicoise Cailletier olives, and also anchovies. Nevertheless, you will find numerous various variations to select from. Thus, in case you are striving to arrive at the perfect summer menus, why not think about Salade Niçoise?


Not a lovable cartoon about an amiable rat, ratatouille is in addition among France’s most legendary dishes. From Provence, the recipe sees vegetables shallow fried and then layered in a casserole recipe prior to being baked within an oven. French chefs are debating whether the veggies require cooking beforehand for hundreds of years, but the way you cook it, the outcomes continue to be excellent. This traditional peasant recipe could be a side recipe, appetizer, or maybe a main course, and tastes great with wine that is red and new, crusty bread. A comparable Basque recipe is piperade, that usually mounts ham and quite often eggs to the stewed veggie mix.

Tarte Tatin:

Based on culinary legend, tarte Tatin began life as a huge mistake. In 1898, hotelier Stephanie Tatin was building a standard apple pie when she inadvertently left the apples preparing in butter and sugar for long. In a rush to rescue the dessert, she put the pastry platform on top of the burning fruit and put it in the oven. She supposedly served the upside-down tart to her guests at Hôtel Tatin and the result turned into the hotel’s signature dish. And we are able to nevertheless taste this outstanding mistake today.

Top French foods

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