How to Make Crepes

In this instructable, I am going to show you exactly how to make crepes. With this easy crepe recipe you’ll be making crepes quickly. What’s your preferred way to consume crepes? Sweet? Savory? There are many possible means to consume crepes. Join me as I explain to you exactly how to make them, in case I are able to take action, you’ll be able to do it! Let us get started!

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Follow the simple steps or even view the brief video tutorial or perhaps do each!

Step one: Ingredients/Tools


2 eggs
one 1/2 cups of milk (two %, one %, Whole) (355ml) One tsp. of vegetable or canola oil (or maybe one Tbsp. of butter, melted) (5ml)
One cup of all purpose flour (120g) 1/4 tsp. of salt (or 3/4 tsp. for savory)(5.5g)
One tsp. vanilla extract (for) that is sweet (5ml)
One Tbsp. of granulated sugar (for sweet)(12.5g)


Nonstick skillet or perhaps crepe pan
Crepe Making package (optional)
Blender or perhaps hand mixer
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Step two: Add Eggs, Milk, Oil

First many people might choose to utilize a blender that you definitely can make use of. In that situation have just add everything to that and also blend it all together. I’m applying a huge bowl and hand mixer. Put in your oil, milk, and eggs (or maybe you are able to use one tablespoon of butter that you are going to melt before adding). After that turn on the mixer of yours until it’s very well combined.

Step three: Add Rest of Ingredients

Now we include the flour of ours, salt, and in case we’re making sweet crepes, one tsp. of vanilla extract and one tablespoon of sugar. In case you’re creating a savory crepe, do not include the vanilla extract or maybe the sugar, as well as include an additional 1/2 tsp. of salt. Now blend all the ingredients until runny and nice.

Step four: Add Butter Then Crepe Batter

Turn the temperature in between medium and also medium hi. Now we include a bit of butter to our non stick skillet or maybe crepe pan or perhaps optionally crepe maker. Next we raise the pan off the heat and tilt it. I would like using a ladle for this new part. My ladle holds aproximatelly 1/4 cup of batter, put a bit of batter onto the pan. Pour it in the midst of the pan and then tilt the pan in a group as motion, therefore the batter covers the entire bottom part of the pan, and then simply put the pan on the heat once again. We are going to cook it for aproximatelly one minute or perhaps so on this side, until the best gets dry and nice.

Step five: Flip Crepe Over

Next we flip it over after a second or perhaps then and so prepare the other side for aproximatelly ten to twenty seconds, then flip it one more hours and you are going to see nice cook marks on the crepe of yours. Now you’re carried out and you are able to stack them on a plate. They will not stay together and so do not care about that.

Step six: Toppings: Method one (Triangle Shape)

Now it’s some time to include several toppings! A traditional technique is adding a bit of nutella to the crepe then fold it more than then and once over one more hours creating a triangle shape. You then are able to finish it off with powdered sugar, syrup, whipped cream, or perhaps simply eat it as is actually.

Step seven: Toppings: Method two (Roll It Up)

Another technique is adding anything you love to the interior, in this instance, cool whip and strawberries, then you roll up the crepe. And then finish it off with however much you love. There you go, very easy to make crepes which taste amazing!

How to Make Crepes

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