Disney's Frozen Themed Party Food Ideas

Disney’s Frozen Themed Party Food Ideas

Have you been throwing a Disney’s Frozen themed party? From an Olaf on the beach cake to snowflake cookies, these fun Frozen party meals might be exactly what you have to finish the party menu planning of yours.


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Olaf on the Beach Cake

Olaf birthday celebration cake

Christine Gauvreau

Invite summertime to the Frozen themed party of yours with this particular birthday cake that includes the good friend of ours, Olaf, lounging on the sand underneath a beach umbrella. This all to easy to come up with the cake is actually a whimsical method to celebrate everyone’s preferred summer obsessed snowman, Olaf, out of the film Frozen.


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Olaf Noses

Olaf nose donuts

Christine Gauvreau

Take a few small powdered donuts as well as a bag of orange candy slices. Reduce the orange slices to the shapes of noses & stick them within the centers of the donut holes. Today you’ve a platter filled with Olaf Noses. Additional ideas for Olaf Noses include orange cheese curls as well as infant carrot sticks.


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Frozen party food sandwiches

Christine Gauvreau

Whenever you are preparing to feed a big group of kids as well as the parents of theirs; you truly cannot fail with sandwiches. Mix and match the bread as well as fillings for a wide range of finger sandwiches (this way there’s a thing to satisfy everyone) or even go with a several-foot-long, hero style sandwich which is actually comprised of a favorite collection of fillings.

To work in the Frozen design, it will not actually matter what sort of sandwiches you serve, but only the way you deliver them like on a platter with an indication that reads “It’s crazy, we complete each other’s sandwiches,” the song lyric from the famous soundtrack song, “Love is actually an Open Door.”


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Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate dip

pixabay/Public url The same as with the sandwiches, make use of an indication the sports the lyric, “Maybe it is the party talking or maybe the chocolate fondue” to tie the Frozen design into a dessert of warm chocolate dip as well as a group of yummy dippers.


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Bluish Gelatin

Frozen party azure jello

Christine Gauvreau

A Frozen party selection should likely consist of no less than one (if not one among many) azure meal. Among the most effective to bring a dash of pink to the dessert table is by using distinct cups of azure gelatin. A spoon for each cup is a handy method to save serving time. You are able to also include snowflake embellishments to the tops of those spoons to improve the display.

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Frozen-Themed Cupcakes

Frozen cupcake tower

Christine Gauvreau

When entertaining a sizable crowd, it is great to create a batch or perhaps 2 of cupcakes to go together with the birthday cake, simply to make certain you will find sufficient sweets for everybody. Cupcakes for a Frozen party theme can easily be made of any cake taste and then topped with gray or even pink frosting or a mix of blue and white just like the people shown here with cream frosting as well as azure sugar crystals. A snowflake cupcake topper completes the look.


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Build-a-Snowman Sundaes

A pair of snowman sundaes

Christine Gauvreau

Would you Need to Build a Snowman (sundae)? These adorable ice cream desserts are terrific for any snowman or maybe winter themed event, though they could be quickly used to look as Olaf for a Frozen get-together, as can a few of these snowman themed party meals.


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Reindeer Cupcakes

Reindeer cupcakes

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With many of this conversation about Olaf, it will be a pity to forget about Sven, the lovable reindeer. These reindeer cupcakes along with other reindeer party food ideas are going to help you bring a tribute to Kristoff’s antlered pal to the kitchen table of yours.

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Marshmallow Skewers

Frozen-themed marshmallow skewers

Christine Gauvreau

These marshmallow skewers make beautiful party favors, but can additionally be served as a component of the dessert selection. At the party of ours, we did an “In Summer” theme and used these to toast marshmallows and make s’mores.

In order to make them, just about all you need to have are actually skewers, marshmallows, particularly long plastic-made treat bags (we used pretzel bags located at the craft store), ribbon, the preferred Frozen picture of yours, along with a stapler.

Skewer 5 marshmallows on each skewer (leaving space on each end) as well as cover with the treat bag. Tie at the bottom part with the ribbon as well as staple the picture with the best end of the skewer.