Corona Effect

Corona Effect

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Air functions as a dielectric medium in between the transmission lines. Put simply, it’s an insulator between the present carrying conductors. And this particular charging conductor enhances the voltage on the transmission line.

The electrical field intensity additionally increases due to the charging current.
The sparking happens between the conductors till the total breakdown of the insulating material qualities of conductors usually takes place.

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Corona Formation

Factors impacting corona
Disadvantages of corona discharge
Reducing corona
Vital points

Corona Formation:

Air flow isn’t an ideal insulator, as well as under ordinary conditions, the atmosphere has numerous complimentary ions and electrons. As a result of this effect, free electrons and the ions become accelerated as well as moved in the complete opposite path.

Therefore, the amount of charged particles moves on increasing rapidly. This expansion the conduction of air between a breakdown and the conductors occurs.
Factors impacting corona:

The following would be the factors impacting the corona;

Effect of source voltage – In case the source voltage is excessive corona loss is much higher in the collections. In low voltage transmission collections, the corona is negligible, on account of the lack of electric area to preserve ionization.
The health of conductor surface – In case the conductor is soft, the electrical area is going to be much more even as opposed to the rough exterior. The roughness of conductor is brought on by the deposition of soil, dust and also by scraping, etc.
Transmission lines passing by way of a hilly area might have higher corona damage than that of comparable transmission lines in the flatlands since in a hilly region the density of atmosphere is reduced.
Effect of method voltage – Electric area intensity in the area around the conductors depends upon the prospective distinction between the conductors. In case the possible distinction is high, electrical field intensity is additionally stiletto, and thus corona is in addition high.
In case the distance in between them is extended past some limits, the dielectric place between them get decreases and thus the corona loss also reduces.

Reducing corona:

Corona reduces the effectiveness of transmission lines. Thus, it’s essential to reduce corona.The following elements might be considered to control corona:

Vital points:

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Corona Effect

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