Butter Burgers are an indulgent fantasy. A buttery burger topped with onions and cheese, built over the stove top for a scrumptious dinner.

I am about to start by saying a couple of apparent things: Butter Burgers are produced with lots and lots of butter; they’re extremely flavorful and also delicious; and they’re not nutritious.

The Wisconsin Butter Burger Recipe is all you dream :

about when you are on a diet plan, and also it is worth the indulgence. Meat patties prepared in butter, onions prepared in butter, and buns slathered with much more butter. As well as you cannot overlook the cheese. These burgers are very juicy and flavorful, and also you just have to make in towards the butter!

These burgers are made on the stove top part, therefore no requirement for a grill. They’re seared to excellence in butter to provide them a great crispy edge. Make a couple of of those and serve them with fries that are crispy for tasty meal and a fun.


Butter Burgers really are a Wisconsin classic. It must not come as a surprise that a state noted for its dairy would pile them onto a burger. Every aspect of this particular dish is prepared in butter, thus the title. The onions and meat are prepared in butter, though you cannot bypass contributing it directly onto the bun also. There is not reason for resisting this particular indulgent burger; the taste buds of yours will definitely love you! Burgers made in butter plus topped with onions and cheese Butter burgers and fries

The best way to Create a BUTTER BURGER RECIPE

Butter burgers are made on the stove top part, therefore no requirement for a grill. The great element is that things are prepared in exactly the same pan, therefore you do not have to dirty up a lot of dishes. You need the taste of the butter and onion nonetheless over the skillet as you prepare the beef patties. It gets crispy & cooks within the taste of the onions. YUM!

how you can make butter burgers part by action process shots

Melt butter inside a skillet as well as cook onions until delicate, clear, and starting to brown Divide beef into four equal size portions and also function into patties, refrigerate them for 15 30 minutes Spread two tablespoons of butter onto every bun Utilizing the identical skillet you used cooking the onions; cook beef patties for three mins, flip & cook one more minute Add a piece of cheese to each cook and burger until melted Place the patties on the buns and also top with onions
View the video clip and See-the recipe card for complete details & instructions A bin of butter burgers as well as fries Butter burgers with onions and cheese


This formula consists of a pan-seared buttery burger patty, a piece of cheese, onions cooked in butter, and a soft bun coated in butter. It is accurate to its title with all of the butter!

A stack of Wisconsin Butter Burgers This Wisconsin Butter Burger formula is past tasty, and ideal for dinner or lunch. Serve them up with fries that are crispy (as well as fry sauce) and simply embrace the butter! You will not regret the satisfaction you receive from consuming this delicious burger.


In a big skillet, melt two tablespoons butter over moderate heat. Add chopped onion, bath & ¼ teaspoon salt. Cook and cover, until tender, aproximatelly five minutes. Reduce heat to medium low and also remove lid. Continue cooking until onions are clear and just starting to brown, aproximatelly three more minutes. Transfer onions to a plate, as well as split into four equal portions; established onions separate until completely ready to work with.
Divide beef into four equal sized portions and carefully shape all right into a 4½x½-inch patty. Sprinkle each side of the patties with pepper and salt. Refrigerate the patties 15 30 minutes. Spread every bun top with 2 tablespoons butter; put aside.

Heat oil in similar skillet for the onions until the engine:

oil starts to smoke. Try using a spatula to transport the patties on the skillet and cook three minutes (without moving them). Flip the patties as well as cook one more minute. Place one cheese piece over every patty and remain cooking until cheese is melted, aproximatelly 20 30 seconds more.
Transfer patties to the bun bottoms and insert ¼ of sauteed onions on every patty. Top each while using the buttered bun tops as well as serve immediately.


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